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Urdu Gah is the first and only website on the internet that runs on a Unicode Urdu domain, i.e., اردو.com. It is a literary blog with posts spanning over more than 9 sections. Its content is recommended to students of Urdu language and literature as Suggested Readings and Specialized Study Resources by several universities and schools across the globe.
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Welcome to the Classical Tradition of Urdu Literature

Urdu Gah is dedicated to preserving and promoting the classical tradition of Urdu literature. The glorious legacy of an eloquent language, a majestic literature and a rich culture left behind by the civilization of Urdu, deserves nothing less than a sincere exploration and a widespread revival.

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Raheel Farooq

I am a poet, writer and spoken word artist. I’ve been active in the Urdu blogosphere for over a decade now. Urdu Gah is one of my assets that I am quite proud of.

My first book, Zaar, was a collection my Urdu poetry which was published in 2010. Later, I published Kalam, an anthology of aphorisms selected from my English writings. The latest in the series is Why I am a Muslim: And a Christian and a Jew which has been published in 2020. I have also released two audio albums of Urdu spoken word (poetry readings) recently.


Art is what appeals to the a priori.

Raheel Farooq
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